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Relevant Accomplishments:

Exposed & filed case in Lokayukta against the 150 crores manual auction scam in BUDA.

Organized many protests & awareness programs regarding the systematic implementation of smart city projects in Belagavi City.
Filed Lokayukta cases against smart City Officials for low quality of works & corruption in Belagavi

● Organized Belagavi City’s First conference on sustainable development and infrastructure in Belagavi.

●The conference was attended by experts in urban development, Urban Mobility, water management, Renewable energy & energy efficiency consultants, Heritage conservation, environment conservation & green field development.

● The Conference addressed many burning issues which can be solved by use of technology and proper planning in Belagavi City.

● Successfully fought and spearheaded the movement for Rani Chennamma University in Belagavi.

● Successfully fought for the construction of SuvarnaSoudha in Belagavi.

● Successfully fought and spearheaded the movement to convince the state Government to conduct winter sessions in Belagavi.

● Fought for many civic amenities issues across the District.

● Fought successfully for the development of 2 major slums in Belagavi City and provided electricity, drinking water roads for Alarwad slum and Rukmini Nagar Slum.

● Organized an awareness Conference on the feasibility and use of new Railway lines across Belagavi District in Gokak City.

● Successfully fought against the Income tax department who wanted to build a official cum residential complex in front of our 1000-year-old Belagavi Fort which represent our History and heritage, was instrumental in persuading state Government to announce the Fort wall as a state Monument so that it gets protection and development fund for the conservation and beautification of the fort, the income tax department was stopped from building the complex in front of the Fort Wall.

● Spearheaded the movement for the establishment of a modern & State of the art Vegetable Market in Belagavi City thereby helping farmers sell their produce at a good rate.

● Fought for various issues for the development of Belagavi and North Karnataka.

●Spearheaded a movement across North Karnataka to convince the Railways Department to conduct exams in local languages for people who are applying for C & D grade employee’s recruitment. After our severe protests it was successful and Railways started conducting exams in local language for C & D grade employees thereby providing employment for thousands of youth in North Karnataka. I was also jailed for 7 days during this protest in Hubli.

● Fought for resumption of flight services in Belagavi Airport and up gradation of existing Airport.

● Convinced the District Administration to stop Night traffic in wildlife sensitive areas of Belagavi District.

● Fought for Vishwa Kannada Sammelanna to be held in Belagavi and took active part in the Event by rallying across the District and mobilizing youth to create awareness of the event.

● Prevented the construction of an illegal vegetable market in Belagavi City by the vegetable Mafia & Local Congress MLA to protect the interest of farmers, small vegetable vendors and consumers at large.

● I have been spearheading the movement against the local Congress MLA whenever he has made any mistakes and misused his Office.

● Fought & spearheaded movement for implementation of Kinaye Dam which would benefit around 16 villages of BelagaviTalukas.

● I have spearheaded the campaign against local Congress MLA for illegally building apartments on Nallas and other misuse of Office.

● Organized many Health camps and blood donation camps and was involved in various social activities.

● Actively involved in systematic implementation of Smart City Projects in Belagavi City.

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